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Nicola Wealth is one of Canada’s fastest growing private wealth management firms. With a 99% client retention rate, and historically consistent returns, we are proud to have some of the best Wealth Advisors in the country. Here is what sets Nicola Wealth apart for Wealth Advisors:

  • The ability to become a shareholder/entrepreneur within a rapidly growing company.
  • Having a team of investment, marketing and admin professionals available to you.
  • Competitive compensation from our fee-based system.
  • Access to a unique investment platform that includes alternative assets well beyond what IIROC firms can offer (mortgages, real estate, private equity, etc.)..
  • Quality, comprehensive reporting for your clients.
  • Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation – a tax effective charitable giving vehicle for clients.
  • A team-based approach that provides organizational support for time away, retirement succession, and business continuity.
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Beyond Public Markets

With the highest inflation in 40 years and a potential recession looming, to grow your wealth in these uncertain times, we feel it is important to look beyond the standard “60/40” investment approach of stocks and bonds that is most commonly offered to retail investors. Aside from limiting the possible investments available to investors, the “60/40” approach of stocks and bonds is anchored to the volatility of public markets.

At Nicola Wealth, we have a diversified investment approach that goes beyond stocks and bonds. Greater diversification includes allocation to a diverse set of non-traditional asset classes including hard asset real estate, private equity, mortgages, private debt, and infrastructure which provide greater diversification regardless of market environment.

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Greater Diversification

We reduce risk through diversification across managers, regions, and strategies, which also increases our coverage of the investment universe. Also, by including private investments, our clients have access to these additional investments that will help build their wealth.

Our portfolio managers use tactical allocation and view investments wholistically. They are active managers that reduce exposure to markets that are unattractive and opportunistically take advantage of market mispricing.

Access to assets and managers not usually available to retail investors allows us to be in a better position tactically by having a broader perspective than traditional managers. We have a capital preservation approach with a focus on quality assets at a reasonable price.

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Historically Consistent Returns

Nicola Wealth’s approach has allowed us to produce historically consistent returns during a variety of market environments, including during volatile and uncertain times. We focus on cash flows to reduce reliance on the unpredictability of capital gains.

Our returns over the years

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Private Investments

What are these private investments and how do they work?

Hard Asset Real Estate

Nicola Wealth has been investing privately in real estate for over 15 years, helping clients build wealth through multi-family and commercial-grade properties across North America. Our in-house division of experienced real estate and asset management professionals oversee over $4 billion of income-producing real estate in Canada and the United States.


Private Equity & Private Debt

Until recently, private equity investments have been limited to either large institutional investors (such as most of Canada’s largest pension funds) or ultra-high net worth individuals and families. Individual investors are often precluded from investing in this desirable asset class due to the high minimums required by private equity managers and the preference of many managers to deal primarily with institutional investors.

Our in-house portfolio management team’s strategy is to create an investment opportunity for clients where they can have a portfolio similar to family office and institutional investors but with a lower minimum.


Infrastructure & Renewable Resources

Real Assets are physical assets that have an intrinsic value. Infrastructure (e.g. highways, telecommunication towers, water filtration plants), renewable energy (e.g. wind farms, solar), and renewable resources (e.g. farmland, timberland) are assets that form the foundation of society’s ability to function by providing goods and services which are essential to the wider economy.

Agriculture and Timber historically have a high correlation to inflation, providing us with an investment hedge. As the general level of prices and goods rise, so does the value of farmland and timberland. Additionally, infrastructure contracts often dictate that consumer prices rise in relation to inflation; therefore, infrastructure revenues are also linked to inflation.


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