Your Legacy is Our Business.

Your legacy is about so much more than your assets, your bank account, or your net worth. It’s about all the little things that make your life great. The big moments you share with those closest to you. The knowledge you’ll pass on.

Learn how we can help manage your wealth and protect your legacy for the next generation.

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Best Kept Secret

Based on our historically consistent performance, values, and philosophy some of our clients have told us we’re their best kept secret. History tells us that once you’re in on the Nicola Wealth secret, you’ll never want to let it go — we’ve maintained our 99.98% client retention rate over 25 years. Hear from a few of our clients.

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Wealth Expertise

Our focus is wealth management, meaning we keep our attention on creating a personalized plan that aims to protect your personal legacy. In other words, we take care of it all, so you don’t have to.
Read more about our take on integrated planning.

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Our clients enjoy the benefits of a diversified portfolio, with the goal of softening the ups and downs that come with a sole reliance on the stock market. Learn more about our real estate portfolio.

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Market Volatility

In a tumultuous market, your legacy is looked after with Nicola Wealth.

One million dollars invested with Nicola Wealth since
January 1, 2000 would have grown to
$4.57-million versus $2.59-million
for a typical balanced portfolio (Morningstar Canadian Neutral Balanced).
Over that same period, Nicola Wealth’s Composite Return has been
7.05% vs. 4.57%
for the typical balanced portfolio.
See details and read full disclosures here.

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